Thian Benton-Fieulaine

Thian is a fashion photographer whose unique aesthetic is inspired from pre-modern art, with each image evoking a sense of time and place, emphasising movement and dynamics to create a captivating narrative. Thian’s signature style is using medium-format film photography to capture the soft, natural tones that only film can produce. 

He is experienced working both inside and outside the studio, working with a team and/or solo.

Specialty   |   Fashion, editorial, commercial, campaign, lookbook

Location   |   London, United Kingdom

Clients & Collaborators   |   Schon! Magazine, Contributor Magazine, Black Magazine, New Zealand Fashion Week, Saatchi Design Worldwide, Go Ask Alice, Lela Jacobs, Jarrad Godman, Ryan Turner, Jimmy D, E.S.S, Kaluarie, The Shelter, Sandrine Philippe, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Asteron Life, Hyde Group, ShoutOut Magazine, Touch Compass Dance Trust, Metcash

Media   |   Black Magazine (No.25) Young, Gifted & Free   [Download]

Black Magazine — BLKONBLK 11:
Ann-D Backstage S/S19 Collection [View]

Black Magazine
My Own World — JimmyD A/W18  [View]  
L’Ombre de Republique  [View]
Quiet Spectacle — Ariane Bray  [View]