Specialty   |   Fashion, editorial, portraiture, commercial, event

My photographic approach is one of focal points, where the most important element of an image is how the photo draws the eye through a scene. I often opt for images that take the minimal approach, avoiding dense backgrounds and complex geometry for something that finds the core of what the image is portraying. My palette is stark and clean to emphasise this, and if there is one thing I cannot compromise on, it is composition. Geometry is the core of what directs a photograph, and dynamic composition is what makes me passionate over even the simplest image, even if that composition goes to defy any traditional structure.

Location   |   Auckland, New Zealand

Clients   |   New Zealand Fashion Week, Saatchi Design Worldwide, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Asteron Life, Hyde Group, ShoutOut Magazine, Black Magazine, Touch Compass Dance Trust, Go Ask Alice

Media   |   Black Magazine (No.25) Young, Gifted & Free   [Download]